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Top Ten Classic Cars Of All Time



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You are a car lover? Then this report is definitely for you. Ask any enthusiast or car lover and they’ll likely have their own list of the top 5 classic cars of all time. But this article will surely answer your question. We have put pen to paper to give you amazing information. We have provided you with some of the best top ten cars of all time.

1. Jaguar E-Type

The Jaguar E-type is number one on our top ten classic cars of all time. Enzo Ferrari was not wrong on terming jaguar as “The most beautiful car ever made”. It is based on D type and have been the winner thrice of Le Mans during 1955 and 1957. The E type jaguar have been a stunning example of British car manufacturer Jaguar was best at doing. Not only a beautiful but it was ultimate sports car of its time as it was quicker than a Ferrari.

The E-Type managed to stay in production until the mid seventies. Although it was being constantly revised on the inside. Without effecting its elegance and beautiful appearance on the outside. It stayed and managed to remain gorgeous with the passing times. No doubt it’s the best British car ever made.

2. Porsche 911

Number two on our list of the top ten classic cars of all time is Ferdinand’s Icon, the Porsche 911. Originally Porsche called it as 901, but the French Peugeot had rights to name cars with three digits, the middle digit being 0. This amazing car was the successor to the famous 356 in 1963 and was a more powerful evolution.

Originally the 911 started with an engine of 2.0. It was air cooled, rear mounted with just 130 bhp. It was far from today’s modern 911, as they have 500+ bhp. But still 911 had half(50%) more power than flat 356, hence 911 was more powerful than 356.so it was powerful at its times. The Carrera RS is seen as 911 by majority now. Although the original 911 ceased production around 1989.

3. Land Rover

Land Rover is on three on our top ten classic cars. It is described as ‘the best 4×4 by far’. The two highlighting attributes of the Land Rover that made a history are capability and composure. It was nothing but just a journey from a rough sketch of an idea on Welsh beach until becoming the four wheel vehicle that people aspire across the whole world. You can go anywhere, do anything with a Land Rover. The major contribution is of engineers who are shaping this car through decades just to maintain its number 1 position, when taking about 4×4. It all originated in 1948, Maurice Wilks did not know that he had created a whole new genre of vehicle 40 year before its time.

4. Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is on number fourth in the classic cars top ten. It is one of the high level selling cars of all times. Originally its original name was The Volkswagen type I, and it was initially a four seated car that almost everyone in Germany could get. Now after spanning decades it still enjoys a huge following and appreciation. Overall, it has survived the best part of its life. Its survival and strength is all because of its simplicity. A simple original flat four, air cooled engine with 200 moving parts it is definitely workable for most mechanics. Its unbeatable looks are a prove that why so much people still admire Beetle.

5. Citroen DS

Citroën DS referred as The French Goddess, is on number fifth on our top ten classic cars. Citroen’s prolonged successor to the Traction Avant was the DS. It was moving ahead from its times, with amazing sci-fi styling and the interior was minimal. The future of motoring lined down from the makers of the 2VC and HY van. Citroën’s DS was eccentric and uber stylish. Its doors were without window frames, and its break lights were set in the eye line of the following motorists to serve a specific purpose.Slim pillars meant superb all round visibility for the driver and its hydraulic independent suspension gave comfort like never before. The provefor its astonishing beauty and attraction is the 15 minutes unveiling of this car at Paris Motor Show. Where just in 15 minutes 743 orders were taken and by the end of the day a total amount kf 12,000 people ordered this beauty.

6. Mini

The Mini is number six on our list of the top ten classic cars of all time. From. George Harrison to Mr. Bean everyone is appealed by its class. It’s the most iconic car ever.It been a mode of transport from 60’s to 80’s new romantic style. Mini is loved by people through out its survival span and people still admire it very much. It has a transverse engine front wheel drive layout that has saved space for 80% of area of the car’s floor to be used by passengers and luggage. This feature also influenced a generation of car makers.

Moreover , the Mini handled with pinpoint accuracy, made it extremely fun to drive. The Mini Cooper and Cooper S were the icing on the cake, with extra power turning the Mini into a formidable rally car. It won the competition of Monte Carlo Rally thrice in 1964,1965 and 1967. All this added to Mini’s reputation.So it’s no wrong to call it a “cool Britannia”.

7. Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

Number seventh on our list of the top ten classic cars of all time is the world’s first supercar, the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. The Mercedes 300SL race car had no plans to bring car into production until its importer, an American Benz Maxi Hoffman changed his kind. The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing was launched at New York International Motor Show in 1954 and was admired by the crowd. It was not just a beautiful car but it was also designed with a racing inheritance. It was built over a space frame chassis and a flat graceful body that boast impressive aerodynamics and a powerful straight six developing 215 bhp. Mercedes had the first fuel injected engine that was never seen before. Mercedes that is built 29 in aluminum are fourth times better than the steel versions.

8. Ford Model T

The Ford Model T comes on number eighth on our top ten classic cars of all time.This car was a type of horse less carriage. Henry Ford’s horseless carriage was affordable as in 1908 its cost was $850. By 1925, the cost decreased to less than $300 and this ensured that around 40% of Henry Ford’s cars were sold out in the United States. It was truly a success for Henry Ford as between 1913 to 1927 almost 15 million cars were produced. The production plants were also present in Europe and England. So it seems as if Ford had started World domination.

9. Ferrari 250 GTO

The Ferrari 250 GTO takes number nine on our top ten classic cars of all time. Referred as “The ultimate Prancing Horse”. Of course, Ferrari needs no introduction and it’s known by every single person of all times. Ferrari 250 GTO. It is one of the most expensive car sold at auction for one sold at £22,850,000 in 2014. This iconic beauty gave rise to every other Ferrari after it.  It had inspired all the competitions in the past. All the 36 homologation requirements still exists. Isn’t this amazing?

The car is designed in a way that it is kept lower to the ground to improve its aerodynamic efficiency. The engine was kept as low as possible and moved further back. The quad exhaust pipes give the GTO a graceful appearance from behind. It’s the best Ferrari ever made.

10. Aston Martin DB5

The ice cool Aston Martin DB5 is on number 10 on our top ten list of classic cars of all time.It was a type of James Bonds car of choice. The last evolution of DB4 series was the DB5. It is known as the most famous car in the world and its all credit surely goes to the best evolution of DB4. It got most of the fame around the world, as it was starred role in countless 007 movies. It wasn’t a sports car as it comprised of 4.0 litre inline,6 cylinder engine and it is capable of run at a speed of up to 145 mph. It also had standard features as wool pile carpets and electric windows. It is a combination of Italian styling and British engineering. You would be definitely proud to drive a DB5.

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